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Are you still wondering that you have to pay hundreds of dollars for title searchers ? At Rapid Legal Services we give you 100% lowest price guarantee. As we have more than 20 years of experience in property title search, we give you cent percent results within no time. Have a look at the different types of services and their costs:

Electronic Searching:

If your property is available in the electronic database, it will be easier for us to search the title, ownership details and relevant documents for the evidence. There are few sub-categories, they are as follows:

  •  Title search fee will be charged from $50 – $100 plus disbursements
  •  Title sub-search fee – $35 – $50 Plus Disbursements
  •  Electronic document preparation and e-reg fee will be $50 – $75 (with limited capability) respectively
  •  Discharge preparation and registration fee is only $15-$75 plus disbursements

The above given costs will vary according to your requirement and for all the services the taxes are extrawherever applicable. Now have a look at the costs for manual registry searches.

Manual Searching:

Well, when it comes to manual searching for the one who have not registered their property, it is hard to search the title and the ownership details. This is time-consuming process and the costs vary according to the requirement. But the base price will start somewhere around $150 to $300.

Both the costs are subjected to change according to your requirement. But one thing is for sure, whatever the requirement is will be done. Contact Rapid Legal Services Inc. at 416-727-2593 today to get more information now!