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Know All About Title Searchers and Find Out Who Needs Them!

At Rapid Legal Services we give you the best solution for all your property title searchesand get you all the relevant documents to prove your ownership. These days instead of using the in-house staff it is better to have the freelance title searcher who has more than 25 years of experience that can give results quickly and effectively. And this is only possible at Rapid Legal Services wherein you can get all the list of the mortgages registered within no time. Guess what?? All the services you can get at cost-effective rates.

Most of the legal professionals need title searchers. Some of them are lawyers and paralegals, tax sale investors, real estate investors, banks, private investors, mortgage investors & Individual’s. At times, it is important for these professionals to show all the legal evidences such as ownership, registered names etc. We provide you with all the required services to solve all your legal problems.

Well you might be confused that why you should take services of business searches in Ontario. Here are the few reasons why you should do name searches:

  •  To confirm the ownership of the land
  •  To crosscheck if there any outstanding mortgages or not
  •  To search before buying a property
  •  To find the hidden assets in case of litigation
  •  To search the previous owners of the property

These are few situations when you desperately need a title searches from Rapid Legal Services. Now check out the advantages when you hire our services:

  •  You can easily find the name of the registered owner
  •  Get the list of liens registered on the title and the tax information
  •  Writ of executionby the name searches
  •  Claim the list of all the mortgages registered on the title
  •  Previous documents registered on the title etc.

We are also capable of searching an individual’s own real estate. This is pretty helpful to find the hidden assets if any. Our firm also provides you with electronic search for the one who has registered their name in the electronic database. And another one is manual registry searchwherein we manually approach the registry office and crosscheck the owner name. This is bit time consuming but we assure that you get the entire required documents for your property.

We also provide professionals as litigation searches which have more than 20 years of experience and can handle the worst conditions. If you are looking for the title searchers in Ontario, get in touch with us today!